Free 2 Week DVD Rental Trial @ Amazon UK
Free 2 Week DVD Rental Trial @ Amazon UK

Free 2 Week DVD Rental Trial @ Amazon UK

Free 2 week DVD trial at Amazon UK. Sign up, for DVD rentals, one rental at a time, return the DVD then your next choice will be dispatched. You have to sign up and give your bank details, so if you only want the free trial, then don't forget to cancel, before the end of the trial period.


Not realy worth the hassle for just two weeks. Why dont they do three months now that would be good.

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It's not a hassle at all, if you already have an amazon account: log in, and your details are already there so you don't have to do anything. Just remember to cancel before the two weeks finish. Not the greatest saving, but you could get 2/3 dvds in the trial time.

Voted Hot. Was about to post myself.

At first glance it seemed limited but having looked through properly, it's amazing. It covered many more titles than I could hold of through blockbusters (no joke) although that's for something specific for me but still. Browsing the library was abit fiddly but I found that finding one dvd i was interested in then going through the recommendations was.... well I filled up my rental list simply going through recommendation after recommendation from a single dvd. Only 3 titles weren't immediately available for myself and I can now finally watch many a first voume of many a series I've been meaning to pick up and check out for awhile.

No catches at all, just remember to cancel before your times up. Well, unless you plan to carry on.
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