Free 2010 Road Map
Free 2010 Road Map

Free 2010 Road Map

Take your old 2009 Road Map to any Ford garage and they will exchange it for a new 2010 road map.


realllyy!!! the link doesnt work

That's great, thanks. Our old one is looking decidedly worse for wear

Nice find, h&r added :thumbsup:

I'm hoping there's take my 2000 one.....


I'm hoping there's take my 2000 one.....

Well, in the actual page it just says bring in your old dog earred atlas, it doesn't seem to specify a year so I don't see why not.

Nice might do this tomorrow. Always handy to have an up to date one for when the TomTom throws a wobbly or lies to ya.


will they take my 1958 road atlas (doesnt even have the m1 on it!) ?

[FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="2"]With regards to the handing in of old Road Atlas and exchanging it for a FREE Brand New 2010 Edition Road Atlas... You can exchange it for any old Atlas and not just the 2009 as stated in the initial thread.

Great offer though!

Great find, thanks :thumbsup:

Picked mine up today. Thanks.

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Yeah, soz guys this is my first post and was bound to make a mistake. Thanks for comments and apologies for the mistakes!

Heat added, thanks for the posting.:thumbsup:

thanks got one mind the ford dealer i rang did not know about the offer.
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