Free 22-track 'Sub Pop' mp3 download album @ Amazon
Free 22-track 'Sub Pop' mp3 download album @ Amazon

Free 22-track 'Sub Pop' mp3 download album @ Amazon

Free 22-tracks to download from the 'Sub Pop' label, from amazon.co.uk

Not for everyone, so no haters please, it's FREE!


Hot from me. Some great bands / tracks on this...some new; some not so.

Full tracklisting for those interested...

1. What Did My Lover Say (It Always Had to Be this Way) -- Wolf Parade
2. What's In It For? -- Avi Buffalo
3. Subliminal Message -- Happy Birthday
4. Bhang Bhang I'm a Burnout -- Dum Dum Girls
5. Years Not Long -- Male Bonding
6. I Can't Get Beer in Me -- David Cross
7. Dragon's Song -- Blitzen Trapper
8. The Ruminant Band -- Fruit Bats
9. Something, Somewhere, Sometime -- Ben Sollee And Daniel Martin Moore
10. Falling from the Sun -- The Album Leaf
11. Radio Kalininbrad -- Handsome Furs
12. Hide it Away -- Retribution Gospel Choir
13. Sex with an X -- Vaselines
14. Everyone's Hip -- Jaill
15. Pine On -- Obits
16. False Jesii Part 2 -- **** Jeans
17. Scoff -- Nirvana
18. The Funeral -- Band Of Horses
19. New Slang -- The Shins
20. Naked as We Came -- Iron & Wine
21. Such Great Heights -- The Postal Service
22. Too Many Dicks (on the Dancefloor) -- Flight Of The Conchords

Superb, thanks a lot.


Nice one, thanks....


This is literally all the music i like, have been a fan of subpop for ages!!!!! I hope domino do one soon

Nice find. Not listened to this sort of stuff for years

great post op ,cheers

Nice find, thanks




Thank you very much


anyone know of any way of downloading without using the Amazon Mp3 downloader?

Band or horses, Iron&white, the Shins and best of all the postal service are all quality bands.

Really good album, some bands I'd never heard of
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