Free £24 make-up kit with News of the world (2papers = £2)
Free £24 make-up kit with News of the world (2papers = £2)

Free £24 make-up kit with News of the world (2papers = £2)

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In deals as you have to buy the paper for 2 weeks (£1 for 2 weeks = £2)

Thanks to MSE email...

Get a free Models Own beauty kit worth £24 when you collect two out of three tokens from the News of the World's Fabulous magazine (£1) from Sun 9 Jan. The kit contains liquid eyeliner, tweezers, an eyelash curler, mascara and eyeshadow.

You'll need to collect two tokens out of three published in the NOTW's Fabulous mag on Sun 9, Sun 16 and Sun 23 Jan. You'll then need to fill in the voucher that comes with the tokens and take it to your nearest Tesco store to pick up the freebie, before Mon 24 Jan.

The coupon also gets you 25% off Modelsownit.com until Mon 31 Jan. In the UK the voucher isn't valid at selected Metro, Express stores & petrol forecourts (it's valid in all participating stores in ROI). There's no limit to how many free kits you can get, as long as you've got two tokens per kit.

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great find and will make a great present... shame about the newspaper though lmao...

now to set a reminder

Thanks OP

We'll give a go thanks

Wonder if Gail Sheridan might take up this offer?

Lol, I remember when I first got to the UK and was looking for a newspaper to buy. Picked this up without browsing through it properly.. surprise surprise oO

Excellent Thank you!

get on over to facebook great comp - instant win

Can you still get the deal if you buy 2 news of the worlds on one sunday? Instead of buying one for each week..

Totally forgot about the deal!

Original Poster


Can you still get the deal if you buy 2 news of the worlds on one sunday? … Can you still get the deal if you buy 2 news of the worlds on one sunday? Instead of buying one for each week..Totally forgot about the deal!

No, you need 2 different tokens. Haven't you got a local garage or corner shop that might have some papers left?

didn't no there was a voucher on the 9th,o well my lass will have to wait till she gets this sundays paper

Yeah great idea if the Tescos stores actually had more than 10 per store and you didn't have to drive round the country looking for a store with stocks left.
Truly pathetic that they limit the amount per store when this is the only reason I and probably many other people bought the trashy paper for 2 weeks running.
Get a grip News of the World and Tescos and sort your act out!!!!!!

I have a daughter extremely upset about not being able to get this offer..... It has cost us £30.00 in petrol driving around every TESCO store in Birmingham to find out they haven't even had a delivery... (ABSOLUTLEY DISCUSTED) - Can only say this is false advertising

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why did you drive around the stores? wouldn't it have been better to phone them 1st?

I did the same thing last night,went to 3 Tescos in my area, to be told News of the world had not delivered ANY make up kits this week at all ???? very disapointed

I am another customer who collected the vouchers for models own make-up kit and after making a thirty mile round trip to Tesco on three occasions was told that they have only received a small guarantee and as soon as the second voucher came out they had used them but the staff were told that they were having another delivery at the weekend before the third token came out. On my third visit they said they hadn't had anymore but gave me their phone number to ring them before I made another journey in vain, on doing this I was told that they were not going to get anymore in and suggested I rang the News of the world and maybe they would send some. Apart from not being able to find a phone number I very much doubt that there is anything I can do to receive this . I certainly won't be buying the paper anymore of which I have been a customer for years, no one likes to be misled into thinking they might get something for nothing.

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phone 0207 711 1527. Lines are open Monday to Friday 09.30 to 17.30 (GMT).

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I am another customer that is extremely disgusted with News of the World for false advertising and definately wont be purchasing the paper again !

I had the same problem so I rang Customer Services at the News of the World and was given an address to sen in my tokens to and told they would send it in the post.

SazzySpazzy, did you get the make-up kit through the post then?
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