Free 250mb of storage with Photobox
Free 250mb of storage with Photobox

Free 250mb of storage with Photobox

To claim your FREE 250MB storage space, go to your credit account page and enter the offer code NEWYEARSPACE250. No purchase necessary! You may only use this offer once. Hurry offer ends 31st January 2007.


Thanks Viz

Worked fine for me...

Have just signed up with this guys and it no works!

Says I'm not authorised to use promo!:x

I got a message saying 'only for newsletter subscribers & can be used once'.

Worked fine for me ...


Worked for me
They are the best. I ordered prints on Monday and they arrived on Tuesday. Pretty good I guess.

Just signed up and get the same message as willbaroo. Perhaps it takes time for the system to add your details (such as newsletter subscription). Will try again later.

It just reduced my space from 400megs to 250megs. ???

I received this email and just ignored it! Silly me, my pictures are 4-5mb each so this extra space really helps. Thanks for the post

Always worth reading the newsletter. They often have great offers.

Thanks for this

for me it says "You are not authorised to use this offer code - please contact customer support for more information"

anyone else have this

Tried the code, and it has added an additional 250mb now got 700mb, cheers!

:-( I get the 'rejected' code as well

but have only registered today so maybe it will work 2morrow

oh, and thanks for the code mate!!!

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