Free 25GB Online Storage @ Sky Drive
Free 25GB Online Storage @ Sky Drive

Free 25GB Online Storage @ Sky Drive

This does not appear to have been listed (the 5GB version has). If you are short of space on your USB memory stick and you have internet access, this (not new) service is available. You signup for a 'Microsoft Live' account and that is it.

If you want to sync files, you can get a 5GB allowance - (promoted nearly 3 years ago). You can use it like a folder on your Documents folder, they appear on all your machines you have 'synced'... like Dropbox, but with more space!

Just though it worthy of your consideration.

The direct link does not appear to be working correctly this end, take a look at: skydrive.live.com/


Did not know abt it. Voted hot.
Don't know why its going cold

Why people are voting cold may have something to do with the T&Cs, as if you save copy right material, image collections, songs or anything you did not create if you paid for it or not they close the account and you loose everything, so if you want to save your music collection to share it across all your machines with ease is a no no even if you paid a small fortune to get the songs in the first place. So not a good easy way to back up or store files as you can really only back up a limit selection of items. Not voting but safe to say I did not like the service when I tried it as a way to back up my stuff.
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or try DROPBOX 2GB free plus an extra 250MB using the link

or try SPIDEROAK also 2GB free online storage
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