FREE 28-point Winter Car Check by BOSCH

FREE 28-point Winter Car Check by BOSCH

Found 15th Nov 2012
I don't have a car but I hope this will help someone!

FREE 28-point Winter Car Check.
Visit website (via Get Deal) to book.
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So let me see, they check everything that they sell parts for? Hmm, what a good idea. Maybe convicts should also sit on parole boards LOL
Never understand these free checks. Everything is a money making game in automotive.
I actually think this is a very good idea. Most people just go into winter without giving any thought as to the state of their readiness. This is even more important with older cars. Anything that can potentially save lives has got my vote. Yes they may sell all of the things, they are a business after all. Would you decide that you didn't want to take your car to a garage to have your brakes looked at because they also make money by repairing them? Of course not, you would take them to a garage for that exact reason. Why is this any different? Voting cold for something that could saves lives is beyond me...
just like anything like this, there is no guarantee they are not going to recommend work needs doing that really does not. It is soooo common for companies to do this.

Took my car to a VW service center for service and they said it needed £1500 of work.
Took it then to my Merc/BMW & VW Mechanic and he did the "correct" work for £150. they claimed sensors were not working when they were etc.etc.etc..

find a good mechanic and get him to do the same checks, I am sure they will not charge that much just to check it all!


Cold might as well get quick fit to check for problems lol
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