FREE 2x Activia Pouring Yogurt [email protected]
FREE 2x Activia Pouring Yogurt 950g@Sainsburys

FREE 2x Activia Pouring Yogurt [email protected]

OK, here is how it works:)
In today's (28/10) issue of Metro there were £1off vouchers printed to use towards the purchase of the new Activia Pouring Yogurts (one coupon for one pack). There is curently "Buy 2 for £2.00" offer in Sainsburys. If you take 2 vouchers out of the two free Metro papers and take them to the store you'll get the yogurts completely free!


Today ends in less then an hours time...

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Yes but because of that the paper won't evaporate;)

these are 99p in morrisons..so technically they will owe you 2p for 2 vouchers
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I saw this and thought the same but it says in the voucher not valid with any other offers. So it may not work. Try it if you want. You may get away with one voucher but not two.




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I got 4 yogurts using 4 vouchers and didn't pay a penny! You really think I haven't checked it before I published my post? I hate when people expire good finds without having a clue....
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