FREE 2x Magic Erasers and 75ml fairy non bio sample!

FREE 2x Magic Erasers and 75ml fairy non bio sample!

Posted 6th Dec 2018
Everyone loves a freebie! Pop over, add to your cart and check out!
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No magic erasers left grr
ordered cheers loves a freebie
Nice one! Thanks very much, heat added 🔥
Have fun making companies sell your data.
Ordered, heat added, thank you and Happy Holidays
Thanks x
supergirl21 h, 19 m ago

No magic erasers left grr

How you figure that out? Mine went thru
Got erasers but no fairy left , ta
Both available for me, just ordered and received 2 email confirmations back. Cheers !
Thanks- received two email confirmations!
Thanks so much. Ordered both and some coupons to be sent to my email for i store products
Thanks Emma
Thank you
Thank you. Got both & some vouchers
Just got an out of stock message when I ordered
Nothing left ... but made me sign up before letting me know that !!!
All gone
sr515 m ago

Nothing left ... but made me sign up before letting me know that !!!

Try doing them individually as erasers are in stock I had ordered just before coming here, wouldn’t let me do both at once as fairy out of stock
I was too late
Aw sorry guys, there was yesterday! Keep an eye out as im sure new samples will be put up soon!
Literally just let me check out on the magic erasers, got a confirmation email too. Not Fairy liquid though.
Might be so many per location?
Magic erasers back in stock
Thanks, ordered Magic Eraser.
Only magic easer left. Ordered, thanks very much x
cant seem to roder
deleted17966417th Dec 2018

Have fun making companies sell your data.

I have been a Supersavvy panel member for years & never had issues. Infact I test product for them, that you get to keep, & the best product I ever got was a £500 epilator.
If you don’t want an offer don’t apply for it
Erasers still workind
Ordered mine For those struggling to find it ther is a separate bit from the vouchers for the freebies when you go to the basket. Ordered all the vouchers as well & will put them to use while shopping today
Edited by: "Gracey98" 7th Dec 2018
Thanks heat added 🔥 and ordered.
If you like the magic erasers, get them from China! They’re insanely cheap, like 20 for under a pound cheap, they’re called melamine sponges!
Thank you very much for this deal!!! I got the vouchers & my magic erasers are on the way 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Erasers ordered.
The erasers are available again
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