Free 3 bottles of Wine - pay only £5.99 p&p
Free 3 bottles of Wine - pay only £5.99 p&p

Free 3 bottles of Wine - pay only £5.99 p&p

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The Times are running a password collect this week

Collect 3 passwords and you can order 3 bottles of wine for £5.99 (the wine itself is free but you have to pay for postage). The three bottles are supposedly worth £18.97 and are:

Vina Labarta Rioja 2004
"from the best rioja vintage since records began"

Cantoni Pinot Grigio 2005
"Pure thrilling refreshment from a fine Italian Estate"

Burgona Growers Hothill Shiraz 2005
"Australia's Powerful spicy signature red"

Full details about the offer = timesonline.co.uk/aut…nes

The Catch: 2 weeks after delivery of the free 3 bottles, the Sunday Times Wine club will send out the 12 bottle best seller case at the price of £54.99 plus postage of £5.99 - your credit card will be charged for this). To avoid this extra case cancel on receipt of your 3 free bottles. (The Sunday Times wine club is run by Laithwaites - I have had similar offers from Laithwaites in the past and never had any problems canceling any wine from them. I have also never had a mediocre bottle).

Todays password = Pinot Grigio
Bonus Online Password = Free

Tomorrows password will be printed in the times.

Only one application per household.

Link to online application form:


Any news on todays password....?:thumbsup:

Original Poster


Any news on todays password....?:thumbsup:

Todays online password is rioja.

Can't find the site the link comes up as error. Is this a postal application instead of on-line?

Thanks for the full link Gremlin, I've now fixed it. It looks like it was copy and pasted so had the ... in the link instead of the full link.

Tomorrow's password is obviously Shiraz - I've got to the payment options section - just wondering whether to order now? ;-) Wonder if they'd cancel the order as I'm not supposed to know tomorrow's password yet?
Or is that what the bonus online password os all about?

cheers to OP

edit - well I ordered anyway - seems to have gone through ok!

Good offer but it is an introductory offer to their wine club so remember to cancel once you've had the free bottles!
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