*** FREE 3 DAY PASS @ PURE GYM - SAVE £12.99 ***

*** FREE 3 DAY PASS @ PURE GYM - SAVE £12.99 ***

Found 20th Apr 2015
Hey guys,

3 day free pass for pure gym - ideal for beginners or just to see if pure gym is for you.

The code "MANCRUN" removes the £12.99 price tag and makes the 3 day memership completely free.

not sure if its national but its worked for gyms in Manchester and Liverpool!

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Doesnt work in Bangor
Sorry to hear that
Won't work for Cardiff. Shucks
The outside world is your free gym 24/7.
Don't work in Birmingham
Works in york
doesnt work for any of the Edinburgh facilities
Doesn't work for Poole. Shame as was actually looking at joining earlier and this would have been handy to try out the facilities before committing.
Doesn't work in Leeds
Hot..but doesn't work in Edinburgh! Bah...there goes my gym ambition
Doesn't work in wandsworth London.

The outside world is your free gym 24/7.

Yeah if your focus is on cardio
Doesn't work in Finsburry park London either.
Works in Northampton
Works in London Bermondsey. Make sure you tick day pass cos after I typed the code in, it changed it to three day pass for £5.99. Had to click day pass again. Thanks for the code!



Yeah if your focus is on cardio

Not necessarily, body weight training is excellent for muscle growth. Sure it doesn't make you stupidly huge but it does make you incredibly strong, toned and tbh a lot better looking than muscle bound monkeys you see on Facebook.
Works in London Finsbury park
Works in aberdeen
Works in leeds
Great. Thanks for letting me know
Works for Hunslet, Leeds.
Works for Bermondsey, London.
Hot! Works in Leicester
Worked for camberley
worked for epsom, thank you very much!
works in tower park, Poole.. Not caps!! Lower case!
still works in Portsmouth, thanks
Works in Walton on Thames
Worked for me London: Lambeth
This has now stopped.
Hi can I have a pass for Warrinton central to try it out pls
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