Free 3 flames lighter with your order at Conrad Direct

Free 3 flames lighter with your order at Conrad Direct

Found 3rd Sep 2006
Buy anything from Conrad Direct (minimum order - 30 quid) and get free 3 flames (whatever that means) lighter.
If "free lighter" banner isn't there, then search for product 771510-62.

BTW, Conrad is a sort of German Maplin for those of you who never heard this name.

If you decided that you can't live without this "3 flames" thing and searching for a good buy, then take a look at item 941154-62 (El Cheapo Satellite FTA receiver for 28 quid).


I have one of those lighters, It's pretty clever how it works.

I had a look at that site, some nice things, but pricey.

I see your 1001 today Kommunist, congrats on becoming a solar flare I've warmed you up!

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They sometimes have cheap things, especially in their "satellite" sections. I have FTA receiver (old model) from them and I recon it was at leat half price compared to other UK stores. Most of things are expensive though.


Thanks mate I worked hard towards it, although mostly not it "Hot Deals" section

This is pretty good for £4.69:-

Enjoy the relaxing and calming effect of this fascinating light source. The colour switches seamlessly from blue to green, violet, red and orange, and ensures peace of body and mind. But this colour-changing lamp is not only suited for colour therapy. It is also a real eye catcher when used as a decorative lamp. You can select whether to have the continuously changing colour sequence or a continuous light function. Operated by 3 AA batteries (not included). Dim. 9.4 x 23 x 22 cm.

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See? You've found something cheap on their website
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