Free 3 Month Fender Play Guitar Lessons Subscription + 10% off Gear

Free 3 Month Fender Play Guitar Lessons Subscription + 10% off Gear

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Free 3 Month Fender Play Guitar Lessons Subscription + 10% off Gear
Expires on 31/12/2020Posted 3rd Nov 2020
Fender are offering another 3 months of Fender Play for free (New accounts)
There are loads of ways to learn guitar and this will certainly be worth a look if you're all brand new and shiny to guitar, bass or uke.

This as well as using Youtube and guitar tabs, should give you plenty to get stuck into. One step at a time though! Don't rush, be patient and enjoy it

As far as the 10% off gear goes (single Purchase), I'm not sure if Fender do any Black Friday offers direct (I've honestly never looked) But you may be able to pick up something there - Worth checking

  • To get this - Click Here
  • The code should show at the top of the page that opens
  • Copy that code with a click
  • Create your account
  • Redeem Your Code
  • Get learning

Receive a three month free trial of Fender Play and get 10% off a single purchase at and participating retailers. Offer valid only for new subscribers through Fender website at Offer not valid with Apple Pay® or PayPal®. Offer not valid for current or former Fender Play monthly or annual subscribers. Offer only open to residents of countries where Fender Play is available. Offer expires on 12/31/20.

My personal advice for learning to play guitar
I'm no guitar god by any stretch, but I've certainly learned a thing or two along the way. I've been playing for around 15 years, in which time I have figured out what works for me and what doesn't.

Learning any instrument is hard. You're not going to pick up your guitar for the fist time and crack out the worlds greatest solo. The chances are you're going to make a big racket and annoy everyone within earshot

That's cool though, that's where we start from. You'll quickly learn what sounds good and bad. When you make mistakes (And you will a lot of the time) don't let it get you wound up or feeling down about it. If you're getting to a point where you're annoyed with it. Just put it down and come back later. Sometimes short practice is more beneficial than a big long session.

Just don't give yourself too much to do!

Hands not behaving themselves?
In order to play the guitar you need to build up strength in them. You might get cramps after a little while, so just take it easy and keep coming back to it. You've just tried to convince your fingers that they need to make shapes that they've never done before. Eventually your dexterity will improve and you'll find chord shapes easier to hold. Muscle memory has your back when it comes to making those shapes and switching between chords. Give it time and it will come together.

Be aware that there are loads of gadgets out there promising to increase hand strength for guitarists. Ignore them

Yeah, you'll find that the constant pressure and movement over the strings will initially make your finger tips sore. This is normal and you'll find the skin will thicken there (Calluses) Once you've built up a tougher layer, they won't bother you again.

Don't worry, you won't have fingers like a witches nose by the time you're done they kinda just toughen at the tips. If you have a break from playing for a short while, they will thin out again.

Use this Fender Play offer
It's 3 months for free and includes videos. We all learn differently, so there's nothing to lose by trying it, especially at this price

Learn to read tabs / tablature
Tabs are a fantastic way to learn and will be used by most guitarist, even seasoned players. They are basic diagrams telling you exactly which frets and strings to play. Ultimate Guitar have a nice little intro to them HERE

Use tabs with audio
Songster is great if you've already picked up how tabs work. There's loads of free content that allows you to listen to the tabs, as well as just looking at a diagram - See Here

Use Youtube to learn
Youtube is a treasure trove of guitar learning material. Some of my early days playing were made much easier by Marty Music - He's not the only one on there helping folks to learn, there are literally thousands of people, so just have a hunt and see where it takes you.

Hopefully that gives you a few ideas and helps
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