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Free 3 month trial - MUBI.com
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Free 3 month trial - MUBI.com

Posted 29th Dec 2014

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

MUBI is an online cinema bringing you the best of cult, classic and contemporary cinema from around the globe. Every day our in-house film experts hand-pick a great film and you have 30 days to watch it.


I have been using this website for a couple of weeks now and it is brilliant! If you are into arthouse/foreign cinema it will be perfect for you, or try it out if you just fancy something new? At the moment films on it include - Pan's Labyrinth (a Spanish classic), What's eating Gilbert Grape and Happy-go-Lucky (Mike Leigh). You can also download films to your tablet! Highly recommend.

You can cancel online (rather than ringing up) so just set a reminder to cancel.
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thank you op...will give it a go
Thanks, just signed up. Been looking for Blood Simple for a while so worth it already! Does anyone know if I can cancel straight away and it will stay active for three months or if I need to do it closer to end date?

Also, seems there's Chromecast support for Android but not iOS.
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Dunno what I signed up to last week but they charged me, could've done with this!

So they've charged me £2.49 for the entire month, and so far I've watched 3-4 films in a week, all of which have been real quality. Absolute bargain. I've grown up mainly on modern day cinema but recently have been branching out and this gives me an opportunity to see the likes of Pan's Labyrinth, Peeping Tom (today's film) and the Coen Brothers first feature.

Voted hot.
I have been with them a year now, watch around 2 films a week cost me around £21 for a year after one month trial. Can watch on andorid through google play store or online or through app on a sony device like ps3 console.
Does anyone know if free trials can be added on top of each other? For instance I downloaded the app on PS3 a while ago and they offered me a month's free trial which I haven't took advantage of yet.
really wish there was an Xbox app
Terrible. Tried to watch something and it lagged on with 77.43Mbps so cancelled.
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Good idea but not for me
This is what cinema is about. Great films at a fantastic price. Many I've seen before in my youth, but some unknown and gems crop up every month.
Looks fantastic! Thanks OP. Hot.
Do you have to give credit card number?
wicked! heat added

Do you have to give credit card number?

Yes, but it won't be charged if you cancel within 90 days.
Yes MUBI is a great little site for World Cinema, Art House Style Of Movies, Some RARE classics that you will never see on Blu-Ray, or DVDs, I purchased a Samsung Blu-Ray Player and got 12 Months of MUBI for FREE and 6 Months of Deezer for FREE for purchasing a qualifying Samsung Product, ranging from TVs - Blu-Ray Player which is a great promo at the moment.

3 Months is a Great Offer and should not be turned down either, you can easily cancel if you are not interested, and on most Smart TVs and Smart Blu-Ray Players the MUBI App is easily available.

Does it have an expiry date?
Brilliant, just signed up and set it up on my sony bravia and watching murder on the orient express - thanks OP
I give this a go. Cheers!

So 30 films a month? And only 30 films to choose from at any one time?

Small choice but small price I guess! £2 a month is good
Love movies.
Never heard of it before, seems pretty good.

Like the idea of a limited choice of (probably) good films.

I can spend ages flicking through crap on Netflix/Now TV/Amazon, and then still not deciding.
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