Free £3 Play at Paddy Power Bingo. No Deposit Required!
Free £3 Play at Paddy Power Bingo. No Deposit Required!

Free £3 Play at Paddy Power Bingo. No Deposit Required!

Dont think this has been listed already but here it is.

Basically Paddy Power will give you £3 credit to play in their bingo rooms if you sign up an account with them.
There is no deposit required to play the game so you're not losing anything, and if you win then it makes the freebie even better.

Get £3 free bingo money when you open an account,
no deposit required. One account per customer.



bet they want your bank details though

Amazingly no they don't

voted hot i love bingo just signed up:)

Just to let you all know they give you 50p to start of with then will credit your account with the other £2.50 within 24hrs once they have verified that your account is genuine!

Had a few problems at first then I read the rules ( typical bloke only read the instructions when something goes wrong)

Signed up. Lets hope I win

Hi Folks,

Quidco give £20 for a new account that wagers at least £10 and you cannot get this if you are not a new customer.

If your only going to play the £3 then I would use this link but if you think you may deposit then go through quidco.

I regesitered before checking quidco!

i did this a while ago but never won,i posted one a while ago with a different site that gave you £21 free but for some reason it was deleted,never had a pm for admin or a mod to say why tho

What's the redemption code to get the £3 free?

I have £0.00 balance as default after registering.

enter the Silver Room or the Beginners Room then

greets the Chat Moderator with the phrase: "Hi CM I'm new today"
This will allow the player to play up to 5 games in the Silver Room that day.

The remaining £2.50 in BBs will be credited to the players account within 24 hours, once management is satisfied that the claimant is a genuine new player with no duplicate accounts.

Quote from website pop-up.

Having the same problem Money Spinning/angelfaecexx, got my free 5 bets after reading above. Sorry if I shouldn't paste web site material but seemed easiest thing to do. Good Luck!

me too registered and have nowt in bank?

done it now god all the new players in there didnt win a bean

No luck for me this time. Maybe tomorrow when I get the other £2.50 :P

Received extra £2.50 credit, winning, should I give them card details to withdraw?
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