Free 30 Min Skypeout voucher

Free 30 Min Skypeout voucher

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1st deal, so forgive me if I've messed it up.... (Mods move, delete or edit as required, please!)

Found on another website...

GOTO HERE: (can't get it to link to this page!)

"Free 30 Minutes SkypeOut Skype Credit Voucher for International VoIP Call

Skype is one of the most reliable VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet to local and international global destinations. Even though calls to other Skype users who are online are free of charge, calls to fixed phone lines, landlines and cell phones is chargable, although the rate of fee is comparatively cheaper than conventional routed calls.

Now there is a chance to receive free Skype Credit voucher for 30 minutes free SkypeOut calls to any country or destination. All Skype users need to do to receive the Skype voucher is to complete a short survey with just 5 questions, and takes less than 1 minutes to complete.

To complete the survey, go to IPEVO website, and then click on the GET FREE SKYPE OUT VOUCHERS link.

Free Skype Credit from IPEVO

Enter your email address at the end of the survey, and the free 30 Skype minutes voucher will be sent within 24 hours. The Skype voucher must be redeemed against user Skype account before June 20th, 2008, else the voucher will expire."


cant find the link???

nvm lol i found it

Done and message appeared when finished the short survey; "Thank you for completing this survey! Remember to redeem your voucher before June 20th, 2008. Ipevo will not be held liable for unused voucher(s). For any questions and additional rules and regulations regarding your voucher, please contact customer service at [email protected] "

Heat added, free skype is always good.
Survey takes 30s to do at most, so well worth it.
Waiting on my email, though.

Heat & rep!

Still no email. Anyone got their email yet?

Thanks!! =)

But no email yet!

Hope it does come!


Done thanks for this..

I'll add heat when I get my email..

awesome, ta

Great, but no email yet, will it ever arrive.:?

No eMail yet. I think they may need to validate this,


It may be a SCAM. let see

The link would not be visible if you use Firefox + Noscript unless you allow

Welcome to our 30mn to the USA Skype voucher survey. At the end of the survey, remember to enter your email address, so we can send you your 30 Skype minutes within 24h. Remember to redeem your voucher on your Skype account before June 20th, 2008. Thank you for taking the survey! Please click on the button below to begin.

OPEN UR EYES!!!... its 30mins to USA!!,, almost every1 can call to the US for free,,.. if u dont knw dat..

Mediaring, is awesome for dat.

this is not a gud deal!

if it comes, good, if it doesn't then you've wasted 30 seconds. The amount of time people waste on this site anyway is a lot more than that (speaking from my own experience :D)

Did it for the sake of it as my voipcheap freedays run out soon and I could do with 30 mins to the US before I top up again. Cheers.


shouldn't this be in freebies.

Survey Closed
The survey you have requested is currently closed. Please check with the person or website that sent you here for more info.

Yes closed. Expired now

I managed to just do the survey. Waiting on the email though.

"One per IP, USA only"???????

yeah i just did it too but blatently usa only. so will be surprised if it comes!

USA and first 1500 only so not a lot of hope of this offer working in the UK.


Anyone got the voucher?

nice deal, ~20s to do the survey:thumbsup:
not got the email yet though...

thought not! shame there isn't an offer like this in the uk...

Anyone got anything?
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