Free 30 mins of Technical Help from Virgin Digital
Free 30 mins of Technical Help from Virgin Digital

Free 30 mins of Technical Help from Virgin Digital

Taken from MSE - have searched but couldn't find this already posted.

To promote its new tech support service, Virgin (not Virgin Media this is nothing to do with its cable customers), is offering half an hour's phone support for free. You can get a voucher now, then use it any time in the next six months, so you can save it until it's needed.
To get your e-voucher, just go to the Virgin Digital Help site before 31 March 2010 and fill in your details.

This will give you a special code. Then when you need to tech help, simply call 0800 107 1173 and quote the code to the operator.

You only need to put in your name and email address to sign up, and there's a checkbox for avoiding companies that want to 'keep in touch', but if you're worried about spam set up a separate email address for deals like this.

What can I get help with?

Anything! While computer-focused, the service isn't only for sorting out your dodgy broadband. Home networks, smartphones and printers also get a look in, as well as other 'digital stuff'.

So just ask whatever questions you have - maybe save them up and take advantage of your full half hour!

Are there any catches?

Virgin are trying to build up this tech-help service (which normally costs £4.99/month), so it's very possible that during your call they may attempt to get you to sign up to it - particularly if you go past the free half hour.

However, you're under absolutely no obligation, this is a totally free trial, and Virgin have assured us that during the free 30 mins the focus will be sorting your problems, not upgrading you!

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