Free 32GB iPhone 3GS on £35p/m - 18 months - O2 customers only only

Free 32GB iPhone 3GS on £35p/m - 18 months - O2 customers only only

Found 27th Dec 2009
First post so please be gentle.

First of all, just to clarify that this deal applies only to existing O2 customers who are in the last month of their existing contract. Also, this is a brand new iphone & not reboxed or refurbished.
This is how I got the deal. You want to deal with O2's retention department & not their normal upgrade centre. Below is a step by step description of how to do this

1) Call 40202 from your O2 mobile
2) Options 2>2>2
3) Listen to some crappy music for about 10 minutes & you should get through to somebody
4) Ask for your PAC code (this is the code required to switch networks whilst retaining your number) This is an important step because it signals to the network of your intention to leave.
5) Normally at this point you should be asked why are you leaving O2? You could say whatever you like here e.g. "because you met a flying monkey who told you to switch to T-mobile" etc.
But this is what I said 'I plan on switching to Vodafone because they're offering the iphone 3GS free on a £50 a month contract for 18 months.
6) At this point depending if you're dealing with a moron or not, they should suggest to you either a new iPhone or a reboxed iPhone free on a £35 for 18 months. If not, then ask he/she if they could match or better Vodafone's deal. They'll normally offer you the 16gb version so make sure you enquire about the 32gb.

Hopefully, this helps you guys out. Been waiting for 6 months to get the Iphone that got mugged off me in Rio replaced (moral of the story = make sure you have travel insurance if you're going to Brazil)

Ps. A note about the PAC code, they'll only deactivate your account once you actually use it, so no need to fret if you don't want to leave your lovely O2 network.

Pss. If you're about to vote cold, consider that the 32gb iphone 3GS on £35p/m for 18 months would normally set you back £275.


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can someone insert a photo of an iphone.

this isn't a deal, this is 'might get lucky'

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wow, where'd you get the photo of the next gen iphones from?

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yeh my bad, couldn't find the 'might get lucky' category. silly boy


this isn't a deal, this is 'might get lucky'


I am on my last month for my o2 contract. last 2 years has been 50 to 75mins a month only. now it may not seem a lot but considering it was free. Each time I fone to cancel they say dont leave and credit my account with money to cover 12months free line rental but low minutes. Luck of the draw on who you get then I guess.
Always hit and miss with vodafone as well, sometimes have to do a few calls to get the right deal.

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sorry sylar but i really didnt understand much of what you said, think you should stick to killing cheerleaders. but yeh like I said asking for the PAC doesnt end your contract so its definitely worth a shot, I told my cousin to do the same & he got the exact same deal so thats why i know it wasnt a fluke.



this isnt guaranteed, retention deals are based totally on an individual basis. common sense to haggle for the best deal but suggesting all o2 customers will get this deal isnt true

I wouldn't get locked in for 18months on a 3gs when the 4g is out in 6 months.

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bearman does make a valid point.
I've been on a £35 a month contract for the past 9 months, rarely go over my allocated minutes & if I have its only ever by a £1 or 2. Therefore, I'm probably classed as a low-moderate user which means that the majority of people should be able to get this deal


I wouldn't get locked in for 18months on a 3gs when the 4g is out in 6 … I wouldn't get locked in for 18months on a 3gs when the 4g is out in 6 months.

If you want an iphone you've got to jump some time. You'll never get one if you are waiting for the updated model - there's a new one every year, so it looks like a great time to get into an 18 month deal - you'll be eligible for upgrade once the 2011 model is just about to be released.

As for this deal - superb although restricted as to who might benefit. But if it helps just one person then it's been worth posting.


this isnt guaranteed, retention deals are based totally on an individual … this isnt guaranteed, retention deals are based totally on an individual basis. common sense to haggle for the best deal but suggesting all o2 customers will get this deal isnt true

How very true!!! Just been through to rententions and they wouldn't budge and are sending me my PAC code.


I wouldn't get locked in for 18months on a 3gs when the 4g is out in 6 … I wouldn't get locked in for 18months on a 3gs when the 4g is out in 6 months.

I agree, 18 Months is a long time if you like to own the latest handset.

I got a 16GB 3GS from Tesco Last week on pay as you go. £440 - 10% Staff Discount - £20 off a Pay Go when spending £40 = £376

I set up a Monthly Auto Top Up, £15 per month = £45 worth of credit, you get 10% off when you set up an auto top up, so thats £13.50 a month for £45 Tesco Credit (20p Calls 10p Text). + Triple Clubcard points (Till March) and half price to 5 fave numbers.

The good thing is I can sell if a better phone comes out and get most of my money back. :thumbsup:

Its still a "Big Chunk of Change" for a phone, but while the demand is there the prices will stay high.

Im able to upgrade with voda on the 25th jan same £35 a month but here is the sting. £179 for the 3gs 32gig black/white and that's a two year deal. It only becomes free if you go on a £70 contract. :x Im aware of the pac code trick i did it a few years ago and yes they do go off each person's monthly the bigger your bill the more likely they are too bend over backward's and offer all kind's of crap.

With this inmind i will be calling them on the day and begin the contract battle.:)

ive been with 02 for 3 years just rang up as my contract is about to run out i did what this guy is saying and they said they cant and that i would have to pay £175 for 32gig phone
so not impressed

That stink's i hate phone company's robing the pant's off us all.Im off to shoot some red-necks on warfare 2

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:-( already expired???




Called o2 tonight and tried this - the guy wouldnt believe that vodafone would give me the 3gs free and told me to check the deal before I signed a contract - he was happy to send me my pac code in 2 days. Bummer.

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has anyone been successful trying this yet?



How much are the people who have tried for this deal already paying monthly?
Ill be trying tomorrow, I currently pay £35pm and £20 on 2 contracts with them.

Hi guys

After reading this post I thought I'd give it a go.

In last month of 18 month contract at £35pm, called and asked for PAC code straight away, when she asked why I said I was buying a new iphone through Orange. She said that O2 give unlimited internet but I was ready for that, on average I use approx £250mb per month so nowhere near Orange's fair use limit....and pointed out their signal is better.

theyasked me the model of IPhone a few times and I kept saying the 32gb S, went and spoke to a manager and said I could get it for free on same contract! I couldnt believe it, got them to repeat it to clarify and was right...bit their hand off.

So just to let you know its worth trying, and good luck.


Just tried the deal and the guy wouldn't offer me the 16 gig iphone 3GS for free on anything less than a 24 month contract. To get 18 month I would have to pay.

He was happy to send me my pac code and lose my custom. What a dick! :x

Im not giving up tho, but does anyone know if this was a limited offer thats now expired or if the people who got the deal were just lucky?

Hey guys, I usually don't post any comments but this one had me jumping when it worked!

I've been with o2 for 3 years and been on there simplicity 15 for 1 year. When I called I said (somewhere along the lines of): "I've been on simplicity for a year now and I've been looking around for new contracts and vodafone's iPhone contracts have particularly interested me, but obviously I've been with o2 for so long so I thought I'd give a call to see what you could offer me first"

Then within 10 minutes (MAX lol) the kind woman offered me the 32 gb £35 a month etc. without even mentioning the 16gb!

I had tried for the past 2 days, first day they asked me to call in the next day, and yesterday they said they had none in stock, so it is really a matter of hit and miss until you get the 'kind woman/man' answer your call!

Don't give up guys! Good luck!

P.s. Also I don't know whether it's true but it seems as though people on simplicity get this deal more easily?...

Just did exactly as described and acheived myself a 32gig 3Gs for free on the £35 a month plan
Epic Win!
Only drawback was that they have no white ones left...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

just got the offer, reconditioned 32 gig iphone 18month contract £35 pre month



Hi, i realise that this post is a little old now, but does anyone know if this deal or a similar is available with the CPWH? I am in my last month of my 3rd contract. Thanks, GIJimmy

i just tried this and was told that o2 now does the exact same deal as vodaphone so didnt really have an argument to want to switch networks. does that mean i wont be able to do it or should i approach it from a different angle? is it worth my while saying the deal that you all got and asking for that upfront or will that get me nowhere? cheers, Jack

thats not bad

any idea why this is expired?


any idea why this is expired?

Probably because the deal is three months old and not available anymore.... Common sense ought to tell you that.
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