FREE 365 Cookbook by in pdF form

FREE 365 Cookbook by in pdF form

Found 9th Jan 2015
I received an email to fill on line form and got the link for the recipies for diabetes.

i hope it helps you guys to control your diabetes and any other conditions leading from it...
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if the pdf link doesn't work fill in the details here and an email will be sent to you....

If you don't have diabetes the questions cover that as well just and them as per choice...
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Thanks - some yummy recipes for us without diabetes too!

Thanks - some yummy recipes for us without diabetes too!

Thanks enjoy them

Agree I am not diabetic my self but my P. grandfather(RIP) Mum(RIP) were, so I am potential diabetic and recently just escaping the borderline B.S level tests I have cut my sugar intake in teas and coffees to near negligible i.e. from putting in some 6 tsp along with something sweet like cakes, biscuits soon adds up, down to 2 or even 1 and still some biscuits and cakes can't give up....
having been recently tested for fatty liver, despite being on healthiest veg diet (bar the above confession) life style i.e. no fizzy drinks and alcohol or smoking.... so there are healthy choices which will come in handy. With more juicing and healthy lifestyle I have been told my liver has improved over the year. Remember Liver is the only self repairing organ so much after abuse if you come back to a healthy eating and lifestyle i.e. exercises you can reverse almost a Cirrhotic liver back to near 100% functionality.

The only thing I don't agree with is the artificial sweeteners which I will not use. Although there is no medical evidence for any thing artificial including some of the E num's I will keep away from.

Keep your Liver healthy is the motto the rest will be taken care of by it self
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