FREE 3D Glasses @ ARGOS

FREE 3D Glasses @ ARGOS

Found 10th Feb 2009
just been in Argos Xtra, Tunstall, Stoke on Trent and they had loads of
"Hannah Montana 3D Glasses"
we asked how much and they said they were FREE, bargain, we had 2 cardboard slips, 4 sets of Glasses

me and my mates are using them for the free steam game trackmania nations forever.

FREE 3D glasses , FREE 3D game

i know u guys will find fault, but got 2 B usefull 2 sum1

These are NOT on the website

i did a search on here for 3D and a couple of people were asking where 2 find some.



i saw some in argos a month or 2 ago but they wasnt hannah montana, seems like they get them often

free is free

is trackmania a 3d game?

DealExtreme also do 2 pairs for £1.20 delivered in case you want some and can't find any at your local Argos:…501

they had these at my local argos before a few for the kids

i got some - and they worked fine with 3d images you can view on websites. - static images work fine while on movies i never get such great results - for some reason.


is trackmania a 3d game?

Not from what I know, I used to play the PC version, still play it here and there, brilliant game!:thumbsup:

my argos is out of them, gutted as we need some
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