Free 3D Rendering software @ (Microsoft)

Free 3D Rendering software @ (Microsoft)

Found 2nd Apr 2009
3D Rendering software that used to cost hundreds.
Microsoft have bought the company and released the full version completely free to compete with Google's SketchUp.
Get it from (Part of microsoft)


I have no idea what you would use that for!

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It's basically a 3D animation software, like adobe Flash but in 3D.

It's something that you could have a fair bit of fun with if you have spare time.

hey its free thanx ,

This looks way more complex than google sketchup, you can animate with this as well, thanks for the heads up, will definately try it out.

I've used this in the past. Its a pretty good moddeling and rendering programme but it does have a pretty steep learning curve. Good for free though.
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