Free 4 track eels EP until 28th October

Free 4 track eels EP until 28th October

Found 21st Oct 2008Made hot 21st Oct 2008
Free mp3 4 track live EP from the spectacularly awesome eels.

Available FREE for everyone until Tues., October 28.

01 fresh feeling
02 packing blankets
03 jeannie's diary
04 climbing to the moon


That's not really funny.

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I like birds.

Can't be knocked when its for free. Really slow to download though.

Keep getting "No code or invalid code provided.".

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I do believe it may have sent their server a bit funny, as my D/L stopped too.

It's working for me but it's really slow (~8KB/sec). Make sure you don't try to use a download manager or it won't work -- it'll just invalidate the link. If you do have an invalid link then you don't seem to be able to get a new one sent to the same address so you'll need a second email account somewhere (or if you use Gmail, use the "plus trick" to create a "new" email address).

Voted hot as it's always nice to get something for free

Thanks, senor. I (heart) free music.

Novacaine for the soul

Should this not be in freebies as opposed to deals? Hot anyway :thumbsup:

Downloaded fine for me - thanks.

Favourite band ever, thank you so much for the info

cool and a fast download!


Keep getting "No code or invalid code provided.".

Life is hard, and so am I, you'd better give me something so I dont die.

1. Record a few live tracks
2. Give them away free in return for an email address
3. Market all your future releases to people via email
4. Profit

The joys of being an independent musician in the internet age.
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