FREE £40 Felco Secateurs with £19.20 Gardeners' World mag sub
FREE £40 Felco Secateurs with £19.20 Gardeners' World mag sub

FREE £40 Felco Secateurs with £19.20 Gardeners' World mag sub

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Take out a 6 month d/d £19.20 subscription to Gardeners' World magazine and you get a free pair of Felco Classic pruners worth £40 - there are 274 left at the time of posting.
Quidco offer £4.80 cashback to new subscribers of Magazine group.

The link does not work so try this one instead:

- Predikuesi


The link doesn't work for me.


[SIZE=3]I don't believe that these cost £39.99 though![/SIZE]

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They do cost around £40 - saw them today in Hilliers Garden Centre. They are excellent quality secateurs which are used by most professional gardeners. I've had a pair that are several years old but still work perfectly.

Nice deal , we buy this each week so I've taken the direct debit route .

Cheers OP

Thanks for this

Also for the link and image, which is now added to the original post Predieski ;-)

Thanks, just ordered for my dad. Sweet birthday present.:)

yes - these are a superb pressie for any gardener - Felco are THE gardening brand, and are supposed to last a lifetime (or so my wife told me when she persuaded me to part with £35 !) You can even buy spare parts !

Just bumping this up to se if anyone has received their secateurs yet ?

None here yet :-(

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Nor me. I shall look out the letter sent when I first subscribed and contact them.

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I phoned GW mag cs on 01795 414741 and complained that I hadn't received the Felco secateurs. She was apologetic, slightly surpised and said she'll sort it out.

email address is [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] and please quote subscriber number.

Appears there's been a problem with their system...now where have I heard that before? Anyway, all sorted with an email...

"Dear Sir

Thank you for your recent email regarding Gardeners World magazine.

After looking into your subscription it appears that due to an error on
our system the original gift allocated to your account was never sent.
Please accept our apologies for this and be assured that the gift has now
been sent and delivery can be expected in the next 28 days.

If I can be of any further assistance to you then please do not hesitate
to contact us again.

Kind regards"

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I'm still waiting and it is a week since I contacted them - maybe three more weeks to wait then!

Bump - anyone received the secateurs yet?

I waited nearly 6 weeks before contacting them , same story regarding problems with the ordering system .

Got them eventually , they are the Rolls Royce of secateurs , brilliant build quality & a joy to use .

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Bump - anyone received the secateurs yet?

Yes. after ringing the phone number (01795 414741) I received delivery after about 10 days.

No such luck for me; I'm getting the "lost in transit" excuse, and can choose ONE of:
[*]3 issues free
[*]Grow Your Own Veg book
[*]Hand Therapy and Soap Scrub

Yipee :x all of those wouldn't even come close to the value of the secateurs.

Worse, the offer's still being plugged on the website.

I also got the "lost in transit" excuse by email. I phoned them and they said they were "out of stock" and offered me the Hand therapy and soap scrub.

I said I wanted to cancel the subscription and they said they'd give me my money back less the magazine I had already received! When I said that I only subscribed to get the free gift they said that if I wrote in then I would get a full refund.

Feel really let down as it was supposed to be part of my wifes birthday present.

If Watchdog was still on TV I'd write to them especially as it still being offered on the website!!
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