Free £5 Amazon -  Buy a £100 Giftcard Top up

Free £5 Amazon - Buy a £100 Giftcard Top up

Found 10th Nov 2016
Amazon are offering Free Money

Free £5 Amazon Giftcard

If you buy/topup £100 Amazon Giftcard

So for spending - £100 on a Amazon Giftcard, you get + £105 back
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To enjoy this special offer, you must:
(1) be the recipient of the corresponding offer on,
(2) click the button 'Click to qualify for the Top Up reward’ below to see if you are eligible for the offer,
(3) Top Up £100 or more in a single order on

We'll automatically apply the £5 reward to your Gift Card balance and confirm by e-mail after your qualifying Top Up order has been processed.

Step 1: Click the button below to see if you are eligible for this offer.
I've had this on my account for a while. Heated as anything free is a bonus I guess but It's such a small return (5%) I wouldn't bother unless you were already going to buy something expensive....
Its only great if you were spending that much anyways.

Of course, theyre hoping you will think of things to buy just to get the £5. Thats the dangling carrot psychology behind it.
I am not eligible.
Cold because:

1) It's not free money
2) this should have been in the vouchers section, not deals
Got my £5 Bonus Handy for Black Friday and Christmas shopping
Oh this again
I cant see this anywhere on my account so i guess i dont qualify.

I cant see this anywhere on my account so i guess i dont qualify.

I take it back, i did qualify. nice one
Worked for me too !
Thanks OP
Heated, don't understand why so cold.

Useful with Xmas on the way, plus Amazon credit lasts for 10yrs. Just to be clear, the £5 bonus is added to your giftcard balance, it's not a physical or separate giftcard.

If people are looking to maximise their credit at Amazon, you may also like to see if you qualify for the 'buy a £40 giftcard and get sent a £6 credit to use on stuff sold by Amazon' offer -…0g7…142

That £6 credit has to be used on stuff sold by Amazon (not third party market sellers) and will expire in January. Oh and yes this offer has been better in previous months (£30 giftcard / £7 credit), but unless you have a time machine.... X)
Edited by: "morgie" 11th Nov 2016
Thanks OP.
Thanks op just saved me £5, dont know why its cold
This shouldn't be cold, if you are already buying something over £100 from Amazon, top-up and save £5. If you are not already buying from Amazon, then simply ignore this deal. Cold voters think if it doesn't directly benefit them, it's not a deal.
Great deal! I spend loads on Amazon, especially at this time of the year, and I'd never say no to a free fiver!
Thanks for sharing. Not sure why cold
Thanks. Done. Was planning to spend well over a £100 anyway.
Thanks just used, I spend plenty with Amazon over the course of a year and with Black Friday coming up soon £5 free money is a welcome bonus.
Worked for me. Cheers
Free £5, thanks.
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