Free £5 credit for T-Mobile customers!

Free £5 credit for T-Mobile customers!

Found 20th Aug 2007
Free £5 credit if u text "credit" to 441


Anyone confirm this?

more information?

says me "Sorry u r not eligible for this reward" I have no money on mine accaunt, probably it is not free


says me "Sorry u r not eligible for this reward"

Exactly the same for me too!

This post either needs removing or clarified with true information. :x

same here...........

"Sorry u r not eligible for this reward"

Didn't work for me.

neither me!

worked for me, but i received a text telling me about it first, it reads....

[COLOR="DarkRed"]"We thought you'd like £5 free credit for texts & calls to any UK networkto use within 30 days, simply text CREDIT to 441. For T&C's see"[/COLOR]

So I did that and recieved this...

[COLOR="DarkRed"]"Sorry, you're not eligible for this reward"[/COLOR]

After a few hours I received this...

[COLOR="DarkRed"]"If you had trouble recieving your £5 free credit this morning, please try again. Simply text CREDIT to 441 to recieve your free credit"[/COLOR]

I Then got...
"Your free credit has been added and is ready to use for calls, texting or picture messaging any UK network over the next month. Thank you."[/COLOR]

And the credit was added. A bit of messing around I admit, but not bad for a free fiver of calls.
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