Free £5 For eBay! Go Go Go!

Free £5 For eBay! Go Go Go!

Found 6th Mar 2012Made hot 6th Mar 2012
As posted on the ebay facebook page, they have just released a code to use on any purchase from ebay. I just bought myself a iPhone case from ebay, used the code at the checkout and came up with no cost on my behalf!
The code you will want to use is CUKFB1 but all you have to do is follow the link from this post and will detail everything! There are only 50,000 vouchers and ends on 8th March so highly recommend to get off your butt and go!
Facebook page is here:….uk

Edit: Yay! My first deal actually storms through the freebies charts! Thanks guys! Also, for all you fellow Arsenal fans out there, good game!

Edit edit: This deal does not end tonight, but instead the 8th of March, have just checked on's facebook page! I'm not sure if codes have expired, but have made the most of the opportunity and made multiple paypal accounts to get more!

If you think Paypal have took the money from you check your Paypal account and click 'details' on the transaction, should show the voucher deduction.
- danhufc

I witnessed this epic thread :-)
- deb8z

- Jack-L92

I think we all owe op a pint
- Zodiak

I'm not legally old enough to buy him a pint, Fruit Shoot is on it's way!
- dylanjb100

1 of the BEST DEAL threads in the history of HOTUKDEALS!
- richx45

The Mutts Nutts!
Well done OP!
- antdav

Great find thanks!!!
- emz13x

Best deal in HUKD history, well done OP!
- Kev`

T&C etc:…FB/
- Matt J

Great Deal hun =]

- xbecky07x

- Dehumanization

There is no balance left on this redemption code. - The deal has now ended at 3:48AM
- Bankzy108
- Bankzy108

I woz ere wen the deal was on!
- windhoek

Let's get this unexpired so op can get to 6000*!!!!
- danboi63

legendary deal.
- Nathan94

The jealousy in this thread is amazing, even more amazing then the deal
- monkeybrains

I woz ere ;D
- rjonesy

- KingBenneth



Excellent! Brought some fake eyelashes for nothing

What a waste of money!

Funding Type:
Redemption Code and Credit Card
Funding Source:
£5.00 GBP - £5 off for Facebook fans #CUKFB1
£0.98 GBP - Visa/Delta/Electron Card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

nice of ebay to give away a quarter of a million

Why are people lying, code still works 10.40pm got a iphone 4 dock / sync cradle.

still working at the mo, bought a stopwatch and 4GB class 10 SD Card for nothing using 2 accounts! amazing deal, thanks op!

Thanks -ordered goods for £3.90 with free postage, so has cost me nothing

Thanx OP, got myself a nice T-Shirt!

fantastic, just used it. thanks very much

can anyone send me to the ebay facebook link

Brilliant! Thank you!

oh my god im so stupid its in the description , silly me lol

AMAZING!! Just what hotukdeals is all about, cheers op! And thanks for posting it on facebook HUKD!

Circle Pad Pro for the 3DS, £9.99 using voucher, Zavv's ebay. Cheers msesaver001

working, brilliant hot hot hot


7W LED torch from tomtop for nothing (if it arrives)

thanks OP!

N1 400 free MS hot hot

i dont have a paypal account and i have to pay through there to get the freebies... is there any other way?

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(

woowhooo!!! cheers excellent and used quidco too!

Thanks Op, appears to have worked at 22.34 for me, got an item for £5.99 and great to have saved £5, have some heat.


Cool I have just bought this for my ratties!…189?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649



Cheers op just got a playbook case for nowt, well happy X) still working @ 10.43pm

Thanks op. 800 points for £1.95 happy days

how many can you order?

It worked but just checked my paypal account and despite ebay charging me £5 less it took the full amount from me?!

thanks great find

This deals on a mad one

Thanks OP. I bought 1 great leather pouch (SGP Crumena) for my Galaxy Nexus :P

Got on 1 account, but as I tried to get it on the other they just ran out :[

Great deal though!!

Immense heat added

yup works lovely thanks OP

Can you sign up for a new paypal account with an existing card (one that's already tied to a paypal account). Is there any way of funding the new account?

yay just bought something at 10:50pm that I don't necessarily need - but it's FREE!!


woohoo! It worked for me too, a new case and car charger for my new BB bold! Thanks!!

thanks :D:D:d

Code's still working! Thanks Mate.
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