Free £5 from SKYBET - fully withdrawable!
Free £5 from SKYBET - fully withdrawable!

Free £5 from SKYBET - fully withdrawable!

**Apologies but the Skybet system is not currently recognising the code!**

I had an email from Sky bet saying do a short survey and get a fully withdrawable £5 using a code

Did the survey, and the code is a generic one: FINISHED

Just enter that under 'My Account' > 'Promotions' > 'Redeem voucher code'


**If it doesn't automatically work, use the online chat (should take only 5 mins) say you did a SKYBET survey through 'Survey Monkey' and they'll manually add the free £5 code**


The promotional code you have entered is unrecognised. Please try again or contact Customer Services


Does not work.

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I had a problem initially and after using their online customer services, they assured me it worked...the survey is a SKYBET users survey done by surveymonkey

Quote email sent to me: Upon completion of this survey you will receive a fully withdrawable £5 free credit - enter the code given at the end of the survey by midnight on Thursday the 7th of October to claim.

Quote end page of survey: Thank you for your comments, we value any customer feedback.
Your code to claim your free £5 credit is FINISHED. Simply enter this in the "Promotion" section of "My Account" and your money will automatically be credited.

Sorry if it doesn't work automatically, but either try tomorrow or take 2mins to use their online customer services chat and they'll add it for you

I had an promo code issue during the world cup too, so clearly their system is a bit unreliable

im on hold to online chat now hope it works wanna bet on the football tomorrow

I have checked our marketing lists for all the emails which were sent out and your User ID was not on the list, can you please send us the email to [email protected]skybet.com if you want to promotion.

didnt work
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