Free 5 pound bet - no deposit required

Free 5 pound bet - no deposit required

Found 23rd Nov 2008
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I played their game, and they sent me this email:


By reaching level 2 on SoYouThinkYouKnowTennis you have won £5!

Foxy Bingo are rewarding you £5 to spend. Simply register on their site and enter '*******' in the promotional code box.

This £5 is ABSOLUTELY FREE. You do not have to deposit any money to claim your reward, in fact, there is no obligation for you to deposit any money at any time. If you can turn your FREE £5 into £20 or more you will be able to withdraw your winnings with no penalty. This offer is not available to existing members of Foxy Bingo.
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Why has this been voted cold?

Looks okay to me
cold as you will end up loosing that £5 and get addicted to gambling
Fair point!
If you get addicted to gambling from just £5 I would say you have a seriously addictive personality and will just find something else you will get addicted to.

BTW: how do you loose money? Do you set it free to run wild? Or did you mean lose?

This is happening all over the internet, I have seen it on both the BBC and sky news websites from reporters, not just the commentators. Sorry to be pedantic but it's getting on my nerves now.
Lose and loose are not interchangeable, they have entirely different meanings.

cold as you will end up loosing that £5 and get addicted to gambling

as an arsenal fan you should be used to loosing....and you'll only be taking after your own players addicted to everything :roll:

VOTED HOT! score of 2800 :thumbsup:
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