Free £5 voucher for - COMPLETED!

Free £5 voucher for - COMPLETED!

Found 30th Oct 2006
This is just a head's up post so it goes out on RSS and alerts again. The third code has just come in (provided kindly by ebury). You can now claim your free £5 voucher!

Check out this forum thread:…058
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so it goes out on RSS

Thanks, I'd have forgotten until later and maybe missed out on the £5 if you hadn't have done this.
Problem is this offer is plastered all over several forums so maybe the 8000 £5 vouchers will be snapped up really quickly.
Hope I get mine.
Yeah it's been posted at so many places, i'll be lucky to get one i think!
The last offer they were giving away 75,000 vouchers and even though I registered in the morning I still lost out!
Yup - and some people on those other forums are bragging about getting 100 of them or running scripts to get as many as they can. Nice
Terrible :-(
Its not fair on everyone, even if you have bought the paper, some people, greed just takes over :-(
[SIZE=2]everyone is getting at least £1 so thank you to everyone who posted the 3 codes[/SIZE]
The braggers should be banned from the forums. They are ruining the deals for the rest of us. Like someone in the independent post who brags about entering the Free DVD codes "with several" names. No need. Probably an eBay Power Seller or something with no morals. (Nothing against eBay Power Sellers btw, just people with low to no morals)

Ban the cheats
I got a £5 and a £1 voucher from this today - as it has to be used by the 10th I found something to buy straight away.
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