Free £5 when you Topup £10 into your account (£15 can be withdrawn with no fees) @ Revolut

Free £5 when you Topup £10 into your account (£15 can be withdrawn with no fees) @ Revolut

Found 22nd Oct 2015
Revolut is a fantastic money exchange app, I have been using it since it was introduced in money saving experts, however I am not sure if it was introduced here or not. If you are interested to know more about the app,you may refer to this link:…rds

However, in order to obtain £5 free all you need to do is to download the app for your iOS or Android device (sorry windows users...), signup and enter the promo code of MSE . After signing up, you will need to top up your account for the minimum amount of £10 and the £5 will be added instantly into your account. You may withdraw it right after that without any fees leaving you an easy £5 earning.
I've done this myself and can confirm it works. Worth pointing out, the following:
- They will verify you by SMS, just like any other similar apps e.g Paypal
- Although you can register for free, there will be an annual withdrawal limit on your account (just like Paypal). In order to lift the limits (in case if you decide to use the app in the future) you will need to verify your ID using a valid ID.
- You can request a free MasterCard to be sent to your address in order to use it for instore or online purchases (Perfect for buying off European or American Amazon sites as you can top up in USD or Euros, so no exchange fees anymore)
- The card is a prepaid card, you can only spend as much as you put onto it! LOL
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