FREE 50 Tesco Clubcard Points to the 1st 100,000 entries

FREE 50 Tesco Clubcard Points to the 1st 100,000 entries

Found 4th Feb 2010Made hot 4th Feb 2010
Follow these steps to get 50 Tesco Clubcard Points:

1) Search for Flora butter on (I just type 'flora' in the search box).
2) A banner on the right hand of the screen underneath the search box will come out... You then click on it and take the heart age quiz.
3) After you finish, you just enter your clubcard number and get 50 free points!!!

I did that and it worked! 50 FREE POINTS EZ PZ. Limited to the 1st 100,000 entries so don't wait too long!

EDIT: Alternatively, Twinz found a link that will take you directly to the quiz!…spx


Cheers OP, nice one. Did the test and my heart age is 4 years over, ooops!

where is the search box


where is the search box

I found it on the grocery section. When I logged into my grocery account it was on the right hand side above the shopping basket without having to search.

Can't seem to fill the form in, says the age is incomplete when it isn't

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At the page, u will need to log in.


cheers, rep for link :thumbsup:


oops my heart rate 2 years over!

heart age same as my age..

thanks! I got 50 points.. hot!

Designed to scare people over the state of their health so that they can sell more margarine :x
Voted Cold.

My heart is 4 years older!

hot, got my 50, equivalent of spending £25 at Tesco !


hot, got my 50, equivalent of spending £25 at Tesco !

really? how much are 50 points equivalent?

i just get a blank screen at the end

nice one one year younger and 50 points

50 points is worth 50p or £2 in clubcard deals
But every little helps!!

.Thank you50 points will be allocated to your Clubcard account and will show on your next qualifying statement.

Thanks OP

thanks slash, got the points, thank you very much.


thanks so much got the points..and i am 2 years younger...but hubby is 1 year older ha ha

This did not work for me so go to
Thank you NorthernLass on Money Saving Expert for this link.

thanks for the link, got my 50 points

Thanks got my 50 points:thumbsup:

Thankyou got my points


done thnx

Thanks :thumbsup: h&r added

1 yr older and 50pts

Nice One thanks...

Just confirmed what I already Know..... I'm overweight... lol

Thanks. Got mine.

:thumbsup: Thanks got mine.

Thank you, got the 50 points and found out im 7 years younger than my age!

I got them thanks

Me too, thanks.

50 points for nowt. thanks op


Thanks.....Heat and Rep added


Many thanks

Just done the test!



Easy £2. Thanks OP.
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