Free £5.00 gift card (over £50 spend) or £15.00 gift card (over £100 spend) @ B&Q
Free £5.00 gift card (over £50 spend) or £15.00 gift card (over £100 spend) @ B&Q

Free £5.00 gift card (over £50 spend) or £15.00 gift card (over £100 spend) @ B&Q

As the title says really
Spend £50.00 - £99.99 and get a £5.00 gift card
Spend £100.00 + and get a £15.00 gift card

Gift cards will be only valid in January '09

Maybe handy for a free xmas present to someone (the gift card) or buy that nice looking hammer drill that comes with 250 bits that you will never use

T&C's: the usual must be spent in one transaction to claim the card. refunding items that gain the card will affect the amount you get refunded if you dont surrender the card when refunding. gift card can only be used in Jan '09.

As far as im aware its instore only, but i could be wrong!


good deal as long as they stay open, not looking good for them or for others!

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i dont think they'll get caught as much in the credit crunch, as people arent moving but just doing up their houses. always seems really busy in there on a weekend.


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also forgot to mention about the VAT compulary reduction instore, they knock it off your purchases at the till so if youre just at the fifty or hundred mark just double check at the checkout as it may affect you getting your gift card.

does it work like the argos deal?

you know, buying £100 of gift vouchers to get the £15 voucher?

No gift card sales are excluded from the offer so anything instore you can buy apart from gift cards- spend over £50 get a £5 card and spend over £100 get a £15 card.

And yes be carefull with the VAT reduction as the price lables still havent been changed so if you take one thing to the checkout for £50.00 it will be less when you pay and you WONT get the gift card

voted hot

Hubby and I went to B & Q today

Value of goods in Trolley we calculated to be approx £220.00 so we get a second trolley and split the purchases.

He went to one checkout and me to another. £104.00 & £111.47

£15.00 gift voucher each. They do not ask for any personal information when issuing the gift card which can be used in store 1 - 31 January 2009.
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