FREE 500g PACK Bird Food and get a voucher
FREE 500g PACK Bird Food and get a voucher

FREE 500g PACK Bird Food and get a voucher

Fill your feeder with a FREE 500g PACK and get a voucher

Theres something amazing about Special Mix by Jacobi Jayne. Perfected by birdcare experts and used in thousands of gardens for over 20 years, we think its Britains best birdfood.

Be our guest. Well send you a tasty 500g trial pack of Jacobi Jaynes Special Mix ABSOLUTELY FREE. Fill your feeder... then sit back and enjoy the results!
Just fill in your details below and well rush you:

* FREE 500g trial pack of Special Mix
* Living with Birds voucher
* FREE copy of Living with Birds, our 36-page full colour catalogue
or you can pretend to be Mary Poppins


i applied before and got nothing

[COLOR="Red"]In which publication did you see our advert AND WHAT IS ON PAGE 8? (By telling us what is on page 8, we will know you are a true reader and not an automatic web response.)[/COLOR]

what is on page 8?

same here got nothing last time

Nor me :0(

I used "or you can pretend to be Mary Poppins"


hopefully it comes

i think the 'or you can pretend to be Mary Poppins' was a joke.
because Mary Poppins fed some birds in the film, i think, which then sang with her

i got notning last time either

all i got last time was an email offering a discount on purchases - said had run out of freebies

Thats cheap!!

You now have to phone, with the magazine advert in front of you to answer questions, or send the physical paper form in by post.

NO online applications.

Since there is no answer to the forum post asking what the heck IS on page 8, this is no use to anyone that has not genuinely got the magazine.

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