FREE 500ml lucozade lite

FREE 500ml lucozade lite

Found 24th Jul 2010
FREE bottle of 500ml 50 cal lucozade light. just need to register but takes a minute.…jpg - in this image, the link you should see is circled


i can't find where you claim a free bottle.

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after you sign up, it gives you a link (personalised) that you get your voucher for a free bottle.

I registered but no link.

Original Poster…jpg - check that image and you will see the link i have circled

You need to register, submit a plan, follow/track your progress then claim the bottle!! I need the lucozade light just to get me through that!! Not for me thanks!

check your emails

they send link to print off voucher -

Yes, thanks guys
- I hadn't realised that the coupon would be in an e-mail.

I have printed off the voucher now. Thanks OP.

A low calorie energy drink?

You get 2 chances to print the coupon out... so make sure you don't have a crap printer like me and mess it up. You could theoretically photocopy these and get a free bottle from every shop/supermarket selling them, I did say could...

yeah. they emailed coupon. problem with these printable ones is that some retailers are refusing them.

make sure u colour print.....

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yeah, if it is not in colour, they might not accept it. However I have had no problems myself getting them accepted when in colour.

5 mins registering etc printed 6 vouchers hot deal

My tescos only have 4 packs will not split into singles and cannot use 4 vouchers

not a hot deal morrisons tesco and waitrose do not stock in caterham

Cheers - got two bottles in W H Smiths today! Great!

Printed voucher, will see if get 1 from nearby tesco...

thanks will give it a go

Please set to expired, it now gives a buy link instead of the free lucozade

I printed in black and was accepted at Tesco. Its price was 95p.
Good freebie !!!

Printed voucher in black&white, and used in Tesco, Eastleigh.

Great freebie!!!

just printed off for my freebie


welshy x

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Please set to expired, it now gives a buy link instead of the free … Please set to expired, it now gives a buy link instead of the free lucozade

Still active for myself and the others who have also commented so i will leave it active just now
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