Free 50p donation to prostate cancer charity and free support pin badge

Free 50p donation to prostate cancer charity and free support pin badge

Found 24th Jan 2014
Free 50p donation to charity and free pin badge for answering a few questions about the prostate gland
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Why would people vote this cold ?
edit :a bit similar to one post 2 weeks
even so seems a bit mean
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heat x
Great, thanks!
Done! 3/5. Thanks!
2/5. Zoikes!
Good cause. Thanks for sharing, OP.
Great Post Heat
Great post! Needs more coverage, maybe Hotukdeals should share on their Facebook or twitter page?
I got most wrong.
Great, thanks (_;)
3/5 great cause
It appears I knew nothing about prostate cancer. Thank you for sharing.
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Done, thanks for this . 2\5
You scored 4 out of 5. Great effort! BOOOOM!
done very good find op
Done... Excellent post... Heat added.
Heat Added and Done
1/5 scary what we don't know heat added
2/5 great cause and post, heat for you, thanks
Heat added. Great cause
Just beat cancer heat added from me ;-) great post 50p for a cancer research, for filling out a tiny questionnaire! Hot hot hot This will just help the cause to beat this thing that takes so many loved ones every year :-)
4/5 and Ive got prostate cancer lol. Don't think it wont happen to you,I'm only 50 and had none of the symptoms that you would expect, (ie problems with the waterworks).If your approaching 50 insist on a blood test
Done 5/5
Done- dont mind filling in details when its for a good cause.Well Done OP
what a great cause this is for, shared on FB
3/5 thanks so much for the link OP!
Their sponsors will donate 50p per quiz up to 15,000 participants. Last night, it was at 6k. This afternoon, 11.5k. Behold the power of HUKD!
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Bookmarked this last night before bed, so I could send to a few people (didn't want their FB tinkling at 2am!!)

Thanks and done
Doesn't even work in Firefox.

Doesn't even work in Firefox.

OK in Chrome.
Well done OP
2/5 for me oO
Heat added
Done. Great spot OP, a very worthy cause.
The site was a wee bit slow when I tried it an hour ago, but worth hanging on for. My brother got 0/5 and I got 3/5, but to be fair, some of the questions are statistics that anyone could get wrong.
Good spot ... Faced booked too
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