FREE 512mb MP3 player

FREE 512mb MP3 player

Found 15th Nov 2006
Free 512mb mp3 player when you take out a sonycard at…790
plus twelve months interest free on balance transfers (2% handling fee on this though!) AND 3 months interest free on purchases.

Oh and "pulsebeats" reward points on all purchases too.

Issued by MBNA will required a credit check obviously.
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Mate - this isn't entirely free is it.

It would be better to add, _free on completion of offer in the tite rather than misleading people.
Just cancel it or don't make any purchases other than one. No annual fee and no major purchase required.. if you spent money that's on entirely differant purchases; not like using a card once is a big deal. Min purchase a fiver and I doubt anyone is going to never need a card at all in first 28 days Not asking for anymore spending than you would anyway: the 8200 "pulsebeats" can be redeemed on anything also, so doesnt have to be an mp3 player.…asp has full list

Could get: a DVD, a PSP game (Lemmings!) or 3-4 movies. or 10% towards a HDTV
Got my card today and registered it...
Where can I find out if the 8200 points have been credited?
They will appear on your statement, or you can phone them on 0870 036 2444 if your really desperate (will see if I can find a geographic alternative but have no had any luck so far).
Just a warning to you guys going for this - register for the online account so you can see your statement as soon as it's ready.

I've only been given 2000 points as a gift not the 8200 promised.

Have phoned sonycard (who sent me a letter about the free 8200 points recently) and they weren't interested, telling me to ring mbna........

....... who of course i can't get through to over lunch!
Did you register on the "free mp3 player" page or one of the others? Some pages offer a free dvd only - 2000 points.
Worth trying mbna again,
01244 672111 for customer services...or if your really cheap try 0800 7831116 for their loyalty department. 01244 672684 for complaints..

or be really direct and call their CEO.
01244 672 040.
Used the link you've posted when emma posted it a few weeks back.

I actually have a letter from sonycard telling me i'm getting 8200 points for a 512mb mp3 player if i use the card (which i have), so it will be a bit hard for them to try and get out of it.
My wife has the same problem - new card and only 2000 pulsebeats credited to her account. She hasn't received any literature regarding confirmation of the free MP3 player yet although she has only had the card a week or two. freestyle - when did you get your letter telling you about the offer? Was it after your card arrived?
I believe i received the letter a couple of weeks after the card.

Can i ask who you confirmed the 2000 pulsebeats with?

I believe i received the letter a couple of weeks after the card.Can i … I believe i received the letter a couple of weeks after the card.Can i ask who you confirmed the 2000 pulsebeats with?

The pulsebeats are showing on her online statement with MBNA.
I had received my card 1-2 weeks back and have used it day before yesterday. Where can i look for Pulsebeats? I have registered on MBNA site, but i do not see any links for pulsebeats....

also...i have not received any letter saying that i would receive 8200 pulsebeats, after my first purchase...Has anyone else received it and if yes, how long did it take after the card?????
After taking out this offer

I got a letter from sonycard shortly after signing up
It clearly states (3 times) that 8200 points have been awarded

I have just got my first statement and surprise, surprise it only credits 2000

I have just phoned MBNA, informing them about my letter
After I informed them that the letter I had in front of me stated 8200 points on 3 separate occasions
they are arranging for a credit of the rest of the points

i was refused a credit card by mbna simply because they could not find the place i work(a national shoe retail company within a main shopping centre)in the phone book!

what a bunch of kermits!!
Spoke to MBNA last night
they said they would sort it and i should hear something in 5-7 days
after reading about this on another forumn
i called pulsebeats and heypresto
they had me down as 8200 points, happy days
1 sony MP3 player ordered and on route
hi guys
Just thought I let you know that I managed to get my hands on the MNBA credit card 2 weeks ago. Once you have you card, spend a few quid with in and the mp3 player is yours. Go to [url][/url] to redeem your sony pulse point. By applying for this credit card you are given 8200 pulsepoints.

You can either continue increasing your pulsepoints or redeem them.

hope that help.

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