Free 5GB Online Backup @ iDrive

Free 5GB Online Backup @ iDrive

Found 11th May 2011
Get 5GB free online storage, they have an iphone app which is free as well



Might want to look at Live Mesh. You can sync folders on ya PC and ya favorites to 5gb of storage as well as other PC's you sync with.

I use it on my work and home PC's to sync favorites and transfer stuff and work on my website whichever PC I am on.

A drive gives you 50gb free storage

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you can get 50GB with Idrive if you can recommend 45 friends and the PC sync client is not a trial like adrive

Just tried adrive, the basic interface sucks

Awful software interface and not very practical. Thanks for sharing, but I have tried it - it's not very good. Won't vote either way (It is free!)

Wuala gives you 13GB storage for free - no invitations needed :P…150


nothing beats dropbox imo - and I have tried them all
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