Free £7 Credit for the Amazon Appstore

Free £7 Credit for the Amazon Appstore

Found 16th Jan 2015
I just got an email today from Amazon App store:

Dear ,
As a thank you for recently signing into the Amazon app for Android, we placed a £7 Amazon Appstore credit on your account valid towards apps, games, and in-app items (excluding subscriptions). We will automatically apply the balance of your credit to any purchase of apps, games and in-app items that you make on the Amazon Appstore before February 8, 2015 at 11:59pm GMT.

It wasn't that I was new to the app, but I had uninstalled (a month or so ago) it and re-installed it recently (a couple of weeks ago) using it to search a couple of items but not actually buying anything.

I couldn't find any reference on the amazon website about whether this is a deal/offer open to all. If you haven't got the app I try installing it and signing in with it, no need to purchase anything (I didn't).
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I received this today too, having also recently re-installed it. I think its worth people trying the app if they haven't before and/or if they have before and removed it. £7 goes a long way with apps.
Great if you can get it - Try 80 days it is one of the apps worth buying alongside Monument Valley, Terraria and Minecraft
I'll try it now! Thanks for the heads up!
Is this a by invitation thing only then?
I got one too. Not sure which app to buy!
I got this email too but cannot see any promotional credits in my account. When i attempt to purchase an app it asks for my credit card details...

If anyone has any ideas how to redeem the credit I'd be grateful
I've just installed the app and logged in. Nothing. Nada. Rien. Ezer. Nista. Kahore. Niekas. Need I go on? Hovering between cold and hot at the moment.
I received the email too. I downloaded an app and it does appear to 'charge' you but then the email they send shows that its been redeemed and that there's no charge.
I got it sent to one of my email addresses, probably signed into the wrong account on the app once.

You can see the balance showing when using a desktop browser, below the buy button.
I received this email too, on an email address which I have never signed into the app on, nor have I signed into the account for a while either. Shame it wasnt my main account which was set up on a new phone.
Is it only apps that you can buy with the promotional £7 or can you buy music with it?
Just got £12.95 today...
...and you all thought my name wasn't Lucky
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Shame they don't allow you to spend it on music.
I got a similar mail today. Can't remember when I signed into the Amazon app.

I got a similar mail today. Can't remember when I signed into the Amazon … I got a similar mail today. Can't remember when I signed into the Amazon app.

Funny enough I got this one as well today, they are really giving this credit away...
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