Free 7 Day Trial - Rift: Planes of Telara (PC)

Free 7 Day Trial - Rift: Planes of Telara (PC)

Found 11th May 2011
Currently Rift are doing a promotion where current users can invite people into a 7 day free trial of the game, including a Special in-game title: “The Chosen”

This is a growing new MMORPG that should appeal to anyone looking for a good alternative to WoW, it's about ‎8.78gb so prepare for a download.

"The RIFT free trial is your chance to become one of the mighty Ascended. Experience massive invasions by the forces of the Blood Storm, explore the nearly limitless possibilities of the Ascended Soul class system, and battle for the fate of Telara for 7 days."

"RIFT is the dynamic fantasy MMORPG where eight primal forces battle for control in the ever-changing landscape of Telara. Choose your side. Fight the invasions. Enter the RIFT"


did the beta testing excellent game

Cheers fella, appreciate this.

Rift vs WoW - Let Battle Commence not voted btw as fanboi of wow

I'm looking forward to GW2!


I'm looking forward to GW2!

Me too but I fear we will be waiting years.
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