Free 7day pass @ Pure Gym

Free 7day pass @ Pure Gym

Found 3rd May 2016
Free 7day pass at all (as far as I can tell) Pure Gyms

FYI - I signed up not long ago using my O2 priority but it still accepting me for this deal!
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whats the code
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whats the code

Hi no code needed, just click the link and select 7days (it will show as £0.00) and just fill in your details
Good freebie for those considering it but reluctant to pay a month. I liked PureGym and would recommend it.
I've got 10 days from previous offer and now another 7. Signed up with different email.
Starting in a week - even booked yoga to try it out. Thanks.

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Not available anymore
not coming up as £0 for me
Doesn't work anymore
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