Free 7g ZingiberRx cream for Muscle and Joint Pain

Free 7g ZingiberRx cream for Muscle and Joint Pain

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Stiff, sore muscles and joint pain can interfere with your life. keeping you from the activities you enjoy Stop the pain! with ZingiberRx.
ZingiberRx is a topical pain reliever you apply directly to where it hurts. The minute you apply it, it starts to inhibit the enzymes that cause pain and inflammation.


Isnt zingibar one of the boobahs?!

Heat added:thumbsup:

is this american?

Ordered, thank you, heat added


is this american?

Yep, so it won't arrive :roll:

Voted spam and cold as it's US.

Original Poster

It is a Canadian Company. They promise to deliver within 7 days.

Thanks for this. Ordered for my mum. Heat added.

I've filled it in but doubt it will arrive as a quick search showed its not available in the UK so the free sample will not generate any sales over here.

ordered and voted hot - cheers!

Fingers crossed, oops I can't they ache so much. I really need this cream!

Heat added, even if it doesn't arrive it is still worth tryin:thumbsup: I think

Just ordered it. Hope it works for my lower back pain:thumbsup: Thanks - Heat added

Thanks ordered mine
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