Free £8 London Travelcard
Free £8 London Travelcard

Free £8 London Travelcard

Fiat are holding a Drive Eco event at their London flagship store from the 17th to 28th June. They are offering anyone who takes their Eco Drive Challenge a free £8 travelcard to be used on any form of public transport in London. The store is in W1. See landing page for more details.


Hmm seems like you only need to fill in an eco survey and they will give you a touch & go oyster card worth £5 travels. Then if you hand the card back into the office after use they will refund u £3 also.

Flagship store is at 105 Wigmore Street, W1U 1QY London

Google map link:

I'm taking the family (2 adults and 3 kids - 2 under 5yrs) to London for a day in August - would travel by the tube be allowed using this card? Are there any other cost effective ways of travel on the tube?

It sounds like they're just going to give you a £5 charged oyster card that when you finish with you can hand into the underground office for example to redeem the £3 deposit for the actual card.

If that is the case then definitiely you can use this card to travel around London - buses, underground, and some railways.
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