free 8 mini hot cross buns at tesco

free 8 mini hot cross buns at tesco

Found 20th Mar 2007
How to qualify for your FREE 8 Mini Hot Cross Buns:

Step 1. Click the 'add' button at the bottom of this page - This will add a 6 pack of FREE 8 Mini Hot Cross Buns to your basket as normal.

Step 2. Continue your shopping and have your order delivered between now and Tuesday 3rd April - We will deduct the cost of the hot cross buns from your order as a coupon.

Step 3. Put on the kettle, pack away your shopping and sit down for a cup of tea and a delicious Hot Cross Bun.

didn't add to freebie section as delivery charges apply

link appears on grocery homepage



    Thanks Sonia, I did'nt notice this when I did my shopping yesterday. I'll make sure I order them next week.

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    Has it been delivered yet as i didn't relise and just ammended my order .

    Thanks for this



    can't use with other vouchers like £12 off £80 spend

    Great thanks! This is HOT! hehe

    Terms and Conditions

    Applies to deliveries on or before the 3rd April
    The free gift can only be redeemed once per household
    The free gift can only be redeemed from this page
    Tesco FREE Finest* Hot Cross Buns will be added to your basket at full price which will then be deducted at checkout
    The coupon deduction will be shown on the checkout page and on the till receipt in the 'your payment' section
    If Tesco Finest Hot Cross Buns are not available you will receive a substitution and a discount to the value of £1.06

    I'm sure you can still use XX coupons, you could with the free mince pies.

    and... hey presto... works for me

    a) eCoupons & Clubcard vouchers
    Free hot cross buns in croydon £1.06
    £5 Off when you spend £50 £5.00

    Actually in my basket, I ended up with the following...

    Tesco 4 Finest Hot Cross Buns £0.76

    2 for £1.60 SAVE 52p - valid from 21/03/2007 until 09/04/2007 - add 2 for offer


    I couldn't use this offer as it cancelled out my 500pts offer! Oh well, still a good deal for someone....

    Thanks, got shopping being delivered tomorrow, going to see if I can add this now

    Added them and removed the hot cross buns I was paying for!

    Heat and Rep added (Pressed enter before I finished writing my username though :giggle:)

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    hope it don't cancel out my 500pts coupon i wouldn't have thought it would but we will see

    how do you have a 6 pack of 8 mini hot cross buns?!!

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    yes i noticed that lol.

    Please note: I had an email today saying the vouchers I had used, the £5 off one had gone and there was only the free hot cross buns voucher. Was annoyed because it was too late to change the order.

    Shopping had just been delivered, got the free pack of hot cross buns (8 and look normal size to me) and the £5 had been taken off

    So although it looks like the other code disappears, it obviously doesnt

    Received my order today and the buns were taken off and my 500points confirmed, I would of been peedoff if I had received the buns and not the points. It says that only 1 e-coupon could be used at one time.

    Good to see I wasnt the only one - I would of been annoyed too, but was expecting it after seeing the email this morning
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