Free AA London Map Itunes App Store
Free AA London Map Itunes App Store

Free AA London Map Itunes App Store

I get e-mailed everyday by freeappalert.com and have picked up some really nice
apps for nothing lately including the AA British guide which has gone hot on here,

Just checked my mail and the offer is on for the AA London map today - downloaded it
and just had a play and it works just fine - full search and zoom in & out bookmark points of interest - obviously screen sized is limited - but hey its free at least today.

I'm happy anyway - my apologies if this has been posted - could not see it anywhere.


Seen too on freeapp, so for posting, thank you.


Thanks for posting :-D

Thank you


it come sup at £2.99 for me ?


it come sup at £2.99 for me ?

And me?

Original Poster


And me?

Free app deals disappear very quickly unfortunately !

They don't seem to stick to any particurlar time scales thus
they can go in the middle of the day , afternoon, anytime I think it's def hit and miss if you get
them or not for free.

If I post anymore I will make it clear getting the app is not guaranteed.

What benefit does this sort of App have over the iPhone 'Maps' App?
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