Free Access to McAfee Total Protection 6.1 Beta

Free Access to McAfee Total Protection 6.1 Beta

Found 9th Oct 2012
I have been on the McAfee Beta program for years and rarely had any issues. While there are excellent free Anti Virus products there aren't really any with the suite of features found in this product. Just sign up at the link and download the full product in Beta form. However, as with all Beta products, make sure you know what you are getting into.
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Sorry the link takes me to the home page how do I get to the Beta version?

Are we sure this is genuine? I'm just wondering why it is that McAfee's website is saying:

No beta programs are currently available.…spx

Are we sure this is genuine?

This is based on the following email I received from McAfee which says about half way down "If you’re new to the beta program, don’t worry—just register here"

McAfee Total Protection 6.1 Beta

McAfee keeps you and your family protected while you surf, shop, and socialize online. Our complete security software offers protection against hackers, Internet cons, and dangerous websites. For the McAfee Total Protection 6.1 Beta we’re introducing a brand new design and the Vulnerability Scanner. This new feature checks for potential security issues in your programs and Windows files and installs the latest software updates to fix vulnerabilities.

With the new and improved features in McAfee Total Protection, you can:

• Navigate using touch technology
• Keep your PC safe and up to date with the latest software updates for Windows and your programs
• Get instantaneous protection with our fastest installation to date
• Eliminate threats instantly with enhanced, real-time scanning technology
• Stay protected with our integrated intrusion protection technology
• Prevent hacking and phishing attacks with even smarter protection
• Automatically remove threats from removable media drives, like USB keys
• Remove unnecesary files to help your PC perform at its best
• Protect your family’s privacy
• See what your children are doing online
Your next steps

Join the McAfee Beta Lab team, where you can find and report issues to help us improve our software before we release it. We want you to help us test the beta software on your home computers. Tell your friends and family to join the McAfee Beta Lab team too.

Get started:

• If you participated in phase 1 of the Beta 6.0 program, we automatically update your software to the new Beta 6.1 version..
• If you’re new to the beta program, don’t worry—just register here, and then wait an hour before you download the software here.
For now, we’d like you to complete the first survey and tell us about your experience updating or installing your beta software. Over the course of the beta program, we send you newsletters asking you to try various tasks, log bugs, and complete surveys. If you submit the best bug and complete all the surveys, you can win a Windows 8 compatible tablet. So don’t delay—get started right now.

You can ask questions or post feedback about the beta software on the McAfee Beta Forum. This is where McAfee provides support for the beta program, so please don’t contact McAfee Support for help with beta software problems.
Release notes and known issues

The McAfee Total Protection 6.1 Beta software runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Here are the known issues for this Beta release:

• This version of the McAfee Total Protection 6.1 Beta does not support help. Learn more links do not open the WebHelp.
• When you upgrade to the McAfee Total Protection 6.1 Beta your screen resolution must be 1024 x 768 or higher.
• A script error might be displayed after you install the software for the first time. Restart your PC to fix the issue.
• McAfee File Vaults are removed during the upgrade. When prompted with the new security questionaire, complete the following steps:
Copy the contents from C:\Documents & Settings\Administrator\ LocalSettings\Application Data\McAfee Anti-Theft
Paste the copied files to: C:\Documents & Settings\Administrator\ Local Settings\Application Data\McAfee File Lock
Open McAfee Vault from My Computer or open McAfee File Lock from the McAfee Secure Centre Home Page
Thank you chandlerweb but why then is there no mention of the Beta on their main web page and/or the beta section of their main web page?

Thank you chandlerweb but why then is there no mention of the Beta on … Thank you chandlerweb but why then is there no mention of the Beta on their main web page and/or the beta section of their main web page?

Im sorry, I dont know. Im just sharing what i received.
Does the link not work for you? When I click on it, I get the page (screenshot) which clearly shows a registration button.
Thanks chandlerweb. I've just registered and installed the McAfee Beta program on my system and it works perfectly without any issues. Would this free Beta subscription expire at some point in time or can I use this Beta program indefinitely?
Mine's never expired. As the email mentions, my software has just been updated each time they have a new version. They seem to be in perpetual beta.
I'll give it a go. Been using Microsoft Security Essentials for a few years now and been happy with it but as i say, I'll give this a whirl.
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