FREE Account @ GrooveShark.com
FREE Account @ GrooveShark.com

FREE Account @ GrooveShark.com

just like spotify ( but with no audio adverts)

you can listen to albums free and also create and save a playlist that you may want to create.

(free account can create and save playlist online)

playlists will not work on a phone unless you have vip account

its been over a month since i last posted this

iphone and itouch must be jail-broken to work with the VIP service.

This free version definitely has no adverts contrary to what others are saying below...

It's a great idea for those who use free Spotify accounts and get bombarded by ads.
- southwell65


Looks like you don't even need an account? Or is that just my imagination ?

is the bit rate higher than spotify free?

Spotify is at 160kbps so some are better and others are worse. Fair enough it's free but for some reason I still am a spotify fan. However I will be bookmarking the site for when I don't have spotify installed on a computer (eg at university)

Grooveshark is all uploaded by users right? I'd use it more if i could scrobble to lastfm.

Good find, I gave up on Spotfy after a twenty minute ad.

dat will do nicely, thanks

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