Free Activity Day with Panasonic SDR-S7 Camcorder  £249.99 @ Currys

Free Activity Day with Panasonic SDR-S7 Camcorder £249.99 @ Currys

Found 29th Apr 2008
These usually get voted cold but anyway:

If you buy a Panasonic SDR-S7 Silver camcorder from Currys (or participating authorised dealers) between 1 May and 30 Sept, you can fill in the leaflet to get a free activity day.
These include:
Paintballing for 2
Quad Biking for 1
Scuba Diving Lesson for 1
White Water Rafting for 1
Pamper Treatment for 1
Snowboarding/Skiing lesson for 1

(which I guess would be worth around £40 or so) and currently the cheapest I have seen the camcorder for is priced around £230 or so.

Obviously, the deal only starts in a few days and lasts until September, so there is the flexibility for the price to drop a little from this point.

The website for the all the t&c is but this doesnt seem to be working just yet which I guess is down to the fact the promotion has officially started yet.


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Technical specification
Video Format SD CARD
Optical Zoom 10 times magnification Optical zoom is most important. When you move the lens optical zoom magnifies and also maintains the image quality
Image stabiliser YES
Still photo facility YES
LCD Screen Size 2.7 inches Size of the LCD screen measured diagonally across the screen
Removeable memory YES
Digital Zoom 700 times magnification Digital zoom uses the "electronic brain" within the camera to digitally zoom in, the higher the digital zoom the closer you can get
Minimum Light Level 2 lux
Digital effects YES
Compact design YES
Programme AE modes YES
Remote Control YES Enables you to operate your equipment from a remote handset
Easy edit YES
Wide Mode YES
Camcorder Weight 165 g
LCD Screen YES The LCD on the back of digital cameras is an indispensable help. You can use it to compose your photos and for instant replays of photos you've already taken

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Looks good but you can get it £50 cheaper … Looks good but you can get it £50 cheaper here

Yep, I knew you could probably get it cheaper and its worth asking if they're authorised and participating dealers, so you can still get the deal - its not Currys specific as far as I can tell and the leaflet just asks for name and address and a copy of the receipt.

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OK, this offer starts today - 1st May and runs until 30th September.

The website still says "coming soon": but I would expect that to change later today.

and there is a freefone helpline: 0800 178 2656

As previously stated, you dont HAVE to buy from Currys, thats just where I go the initial information from (and the redemption leaflet), you just need a reciept from an "Authroised participating dealer"

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Ok the website is now live
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