free Adidas response headphones (worth £59.95) with runners world 6 months for £16 offer @ Hearst Magazines

free Adidas response headphones (worth £59.95) with runners world 6 months for £16 offer @ Hearst Magazines

Found 14th Dec 2015
Just received the email with this deal. It's from Hurst magazines but I didn't find them as bad to cancel as people said it would be after the £16 payment last time, cancelled the direct debit after receiving the free gift and heard nothing more from them.
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Seems good. But can anyone say how well (or unwell) they're suited for folk wearing bins?
Ta very much...
£4 quidco available as well

£4 quidco available as well

That's only if you are buying the annual subscription
Don't bother done a similer deal earlier in the year and never received the headphones, con.
Does anyone know how long it takes for the earphones to arrive as it doesn't say on their site?

Also, Did you have to contact them to let them know you cancelled the DD op?
Sounds more like 'do a runner's world' than runners world to me.
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Are these wired or wireless headphones?
I have used these headphones and the quality is poor. The fit is too tight even with the smallest buds and tend to pull off when you take them out your ear.
I bought mine for £29 (not in a sale) and returned them after 2 days
Are the headphones any good (and do they even come and if so in how much time) - to go through the hassle of setting it up and then cancelling after a few months?
Cancellation is simple. I have done it in the last two years. You can send an email/ call them to cancel. Also don't forget to remove them from your account.
Got these headphones a few weeks ago but I have to say I'm really disappointed in the quality. There is little to no bass and they don't fit my ears very well. Definitely not worth it.
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