Free Akoma Skincare Sample Pack

Free Akoma Skincare Sample Pack

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Found 10th Jan 2008
Akoma sources fairtrade products from communities in Ghana.

Fill in the form to receive:

--20g Fair trade unrefined shea butter
--20g Fair trade unrefined cocoa butter
--20g Cocoa butter 100% Natural (food & cosmetics grade)
--20g Ghanaian black soap


:thumbsup:Just ordered one voted hot

me 2 lets hope we get one

keep getting things like this for the wife. god I'm cheap!!!!!!

falum - you are not cheap - ingenuis i would say - my friends are in awe of me when i show them bargains and the freebies i have had from hduk - i never run out of shampoo as i always have samples same goes for teabags coffee face cream etc :thumbsup:- looking at the few i have listed they are things i use everyday
it not being cheap - its being canny!!

nice find - heat and rep given

"Dear Subscriber,

Thank you for visiting the Akoma skincare and ingredients store.
Your samples will be sent to you within the next 7 working days.

If you need any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us, our details are below.
Kind regards,"

They also sent a code for 10% off.

as to being a 'cheapie', well, they're a useful size for the flight restrictions for hand luggage ... and if i dont like it i dont feel like i have to keep it coz i paid or whatever. i also usually 'recycle' by giving them to someone else who can appreciate such things ...

Its saying on there..........*OFFER ENDING 11:01:2007 @ 12PM HURRY!

Now saying will end at 9am today. Hurry !

just made it with 2 mins to spare, voted hot

Just made it! 2 mins to go

Original Poster Admin

Still valid- last ones need to register now :thumbsup:

just did mine, didn't say grats or anything, just redirected to home page :s

Original Poster Admin

It did that with me too but you should receive an email confirmation

Original Poster Admin

Expired Now

Did anyone receive this, ordered mine but nothing received as yet !!!

negative ...

Thats 3 weeks now & they said it would be sent in 7 working days, so should I
assume it wont be arriving !!!!

did any one receive their samples?

nothing received here !!!

thanks for the reply. Thats terrible considering that someone was on another forum praising their customer services.
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