FREE Alessi Keyring! (collect instore -London only)
FREE Alessi Keyring! (collect instore -London only)

FREE Alessi Keyring! (collect instore -London only)

Get an exclusive free keyring from any of their London stores. Just enter your data and print form, link is in 1st post. While stocks last.

4 branches you can collect from:
1. flagship: 22 Brook St (Bond St)
2. Selfridges (Oxford St)
3. Harrods (Knightsbridge)
4. Westfield (Shepherds Bush)


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useful i guess for carrying shopping when you dont want your finger stems swelling lol.

Taking my boys to see Father Christmas at Harrods tomorrow, will try for this whilst i'm there, thanks

I am more interested in the types of key on the keyring, the most common there is the pin-tumbler... then there is a dimple key and finally what looks like a double sided leaver/mortice kind of setup. Shame this offer can not be posted, but heat added as a freebie is a freebie.

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wish i could make it to pick it up myself but not going there this weekend probably out of stock by next week.

Grabbed one today and Harrods seem to have lots.

Did anyone else have problems with the printoff not adding the name and store?
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